Raising the Bar Podcast

Podcast that examines legal issues/policies and the impact on women of color. We aim to inform, educate & provide concrete tools to empower, expand and help our community.

Ep 004 | 100 Years and Nothing... Anti-Lynching Laws in America

Recently, Senators Harris, Booker and Scott (the Black Senators) introduced a bill entitled “Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018.” The bill is the latest installment in this country’s attempt to pass anti-lynching legislation.  Despite lynching being “the ultimate expression of racism in the US following reconstruction,” the country has failed to pass anti-lynching legislation for 100 years, that’s right a century.

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Ep 001 | Intro to RTB + So, We're Purging Votes Now? (Corrected)

In Husted v. A Philip Randolph, the Court ruled the state of Ohio's practice of purging voters from its rolls after failing to vote didn't violate the National Voter Registration Act.  I discuss how this flawed opinion ignores the history of voter suppression in this country, and why we should care that this took place in Ohio. 

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