Raising the Bar Podcast

Podcast that examines legal issues/policies and the impact on women of color. We aim to inform, educate & provide concrete tools to empower, expand and help our community.

Ep 006 | Discussing Incarcerated Women - Can't Have True Criminal Justice Reform Without It

On this episode of Raising the Bar with Iman, I discuss The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, federal legislation aimed at providing women in federal prisons with access to hygiene products and increased communication with loved ones. While this legislation is a great start, it wouldn't impact the majority of incarcerated women in state jails and prison.

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Ep 004 | 100 Years and Nothing... Anti-Lynching Laws in America

Recently, Senators Harris, Booker and Scott (the Black Senators) introduced a bill entitled “Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018.” The bill is the latest installment in this country’s attempt to pass anti-lynching legislation.  Despite lynching being “the ultimate expression of racism in the US following reconstruction,” the country has failed to pass anti-lynching legislation for 100 years, that’s right a century.

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Ep 001 | Intro to RTB + So, We're Purging Votes Now? (Corrected)

In Husted v. A Philip Randolph, the Court ruled the state of Ohio's practice of purging voters from its rolls after failing to vote didn't violate the National Voter Registration Act.  I discuss how this flawed opinion ignores the history of voter suppression in this country, and why we should care that this took place in Ohio. 

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