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Taking a Look Back on 2018... Getting Ready for 2019

Was 2018 Good to You?

Well, I made it through (and so did you)! I’m a little heavier, (physically and mentally) but I’m still here ready to do bigger and better things in 2019. 

This year taught me a lot.  The importance of boundaries, celebrating my accomplishments, focusing on what brings me joy (hello, RTB Podcast), and lastly, the importance of not waiting until the right moment to do something.  The right moment is now.

A good friend of mine (hey, Taupecoat!) sent me a guide from Happy Black Women that helps you review the current year and prepare for the upcoming year. I thought it was extremely helpful. Here’s the link if you’re interested.

Here’s to a JOYOUS and PROSPEROUS 2019.

Much Love,