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Ep 008 | Kavanaugh is Deciding What Now? A Look at SCOTUS' Current Term..

On this episode I discuss a few cases on the Court's current docket. 

  • Madison v. Alabama - does the 8th Amendment prevent a state from executing an inmate if the inmate is unable to remember the crime for which he is to be executed;

  • Gamble v. United States - should the Court overrule the separate sovereign exception of the double jeopardy rule);

  • Nielsen v. Preap - Whether the government can require that certain people are detained for the duration of their deportation proceedings — without a hearing — because they have past criminal records.

  • Three cases that dealt with the Armed Career Criminal Act.  The ACCA imposes a mandatory minimum 15-year prison sentence on any federal firearms offender who previously has been convicted of three “violent” felonies.

  • Flowers v. Mississippi - well known case from Mississippi that questions if the Mississippi Supreme Court applied the Batson rule correctly. For more information on this case, please listen to the podcast, In the Dark






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